My Guide to Inserting a Magnetic Bag Clasp.

Magnetic clasps are a great alternative to inserting zips they are quicker and easier to attach and provide a really good closure. I always recommend attaching interlining behind the clasp if your bag doesn’t have its own interlining as they can cause ripping to the fabric.

I always position my magnetic bag clasps on the internal top flap of my bags, this is because it allows you to neatly hide the back of the clasp. I find it easier to attach my clasps before I sew up my bag panels. This means you have to be really accurate with your measuring but I find it’s easier to fit them.

Positioning the magnetic clasp on a tote bag opening.

Accurately measure the top length of your bag panel and mark the centre with a soluble pen. Then measure the centre point from the top and bottom of your internal flap.

Take the back plate from the clasp and place the circular hole onto your central point, then make a mark for the two clasp prongs.

Making holes to insert a magnetic clasp.

Using a seam ripper tool carefully make a hole just big enough for the two prong to fit through. Don’t be tempted to make a slightly larger hole, as your clasp will be loose when fitted, if anything I make them slightly smaller so that you can gently squeeze them through.

Fitting the back plate of a magnetic bag clasp.

Insert your clasp and place the back plate on the reverse of the flap. Gently push the two prongs flap so that they face outwards.

Magnet bag clasps on a tote bag.

Repeat for the other side.

I always connect my clasp to make sure that it is correctly in the centre of both panels, if it’s not I just adjust my side seams so that it will be central when my bags sewn together.

A magnetic clasp on a handmade tote bag.

That’s it now you can carry on and put your bag together.

I hope you’ve found this simple tutorial helpful.