Tea Cosy Sewing Pattern & Tutorial

For our latest tutorial, I’m delighted to bring you a tea cosy sewing pattern. This charming project has a pretty applique design which gives a homely feel to any kitchen.

It’s economical to make using just 2 fat quarters, some scraps for the applique design alongside some essential wadding to ensure your tea remains hot for longer.

If you’re looking for a simple project that is practical and fun, this tea cosy sewing pattern could be ideal.

tea cosy sewing pattern - featured image showing the finished item.

Items You Will Need:

For The Applique:

  • A scrap of material for the tea pot.
  • A scrap of material for the teacup.
  • A scrap of material for the tea.
  • A big enough piece of Bond-A-Web (or similar product) to cover the outline shapes. 
  • Colour coordinating threads.

For The Tea Cozy:

  • A fat quarter of fabric for the outer.
  • A fat quarter of fabric for the lining.
  • Two pieces of wadding 16” X 12”


  • All seam allowance are ¼”.
  • RST = right sides together.


Download and print off the following 2 templates:

Using the tea cosy pattern template:

  • Cut (2) outers pieces.
  • Cut (2) lining pieces.

Using a piece of Bond-A-Web (or similar product) trace around the outline of all the applique elements onto the paper side. Roughly cut out all the pieces.

Iron your fabric scraps and place the different elements onto the wrong side of your fabrics with the paper side up and the glue side facing the fabric. Secure in place by ironing over the shapes to fuse the glue. Cut out the shapes carefully.

tea cosy outer with applique

Place one of your outer tea cosy pieces right side up on your ironing board. Take your applique pieces and peel off the backing paper and position all the shapes in place. You can use a tracing of the original template to line up all your pieces if this helps. You simply position your pieces onto the outer and place the tracing outline over the top and re-adjust your pieces, so they line up with your tracing.

Once you are happy that all the pieces are in the correct position, iron in place.

sewing over applique design on tea cosy

Pin your applique outer panel on top of one of your pieces of wadding and pin in position. Using your choice of stitch, sew all the way around the shapes. You can see that I changed the colour of my thread for the 3 different elements. I chose a tight zig zag stitch to give a very defined line, but you can choose which stitch you like.

zig zag stitch on teapot applique design

Press and trim off the excess wadding.

quilting back of tea cosy

Quilt the other outer onto the other piece of wadding with a design of your choice. You can see I chose to do a simple line design.

quilt back of wadding

Place your outer pieces RST and sew around the outer curve. Make sure you do not sew along the bottom edge. Carefully cut into the seam allowance around the curved areas.

tea cosy - inside out

Repeat for the lining fabric but leave a 3” gap at one side of your lining (marked by the arrows in the photo). This gap will be used to turn the piece right side out later.

Turning the outer right side out

Turn the outer right side out (leave the lining fabric inside out) and position into the lining fabric with RST.

showing the sew line for tea cosy

Line up the bottom edge and side seams. Sew along the bottom all the way around.

bagging out - pulling the tea cosy 'right side out'

Turn your piece right side out through the hole you left in the lining fabric. Sew up the gap in the lining. Press flat.

creating border to the bottom of tea cosy

Place the lining fabric into the outer, leaving a ¼” overhang on the bottom. Top stitch in the ditch around the bottom of the cosy (see yellow arrow).

Give your cosy a final press and it’s now ready, all you need to do is put the kettle on and make that well deserved pot of tea!

Final Thoughts

As we wrap up this tutorial, I hope you’ve found inspiration in creating your very own tea cosy. This tea cosy sewing pattern is designed to bring a little bit of fun to enjoying your daily cuppa.

The beauty of crafting is not just in the finished product but in the process of creation itself. I hope you enjoy making this project. Whether you’re gifting this cosy to a friend or keeping it for your own kitchen, it’s all about the satisfaction that sewing can bring.

We encourage you to share your creations and experiences, there’s nothing quite like a handmade item to bring character to a home.

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