Summer Wrap Skirt – My Latest Project

I’ve been wearing this wrap skirt all summer and have only just got round to posting it on the blog!

An easy to make summer wrap skirt in a jade printed fabric

I created a pattern that consists of 5 panel pieces and a waistband. It’s wonderfully simple to make and can be sewn together in an afternoon.

Five panel summer wrap skirt pattern.

I went for a 5-panel wrap skirt because all my other commercially bought wrap skits just don’t wrap around enough for me. I hate it when you’re walking down the street trying to hold onto your skirt just in case you get a gust of wind that unwraps your skirt! This spurred me on to create my own pattern and I’m happy wearing this skirt out anywhere!

In the photo’s you can see the one I made in the beautiful ‘Crazy Paisley’ – Jade fabric with a plain ‘Wodge’ waistband. Both of these fabrics are for sale by the metre on our website.

I’m also currently working with Paul to produce my wrap skirt into a commercial PDF pattern that I’m hoping will be available very soon.

The fury friend also featuring in the photo is ‘Dora’ who is a regular visitor to our garden!

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