Sampler Quilt Project – Tutorial 3 (Subcuts) Blocks 7 & 8

Here’s the latest in our monthly tutorials creating a sampler quilt. We’ll be creating two more blocks and focusing on cutting skills.

If you missed our earlier tutorials on this project, you can get caught up using the links below:

sampler quilt block being stitched on sewing machine


  • All seam allowances are ¼”
  • RST = Right Sides Together
  • HST = Half Square Triangle
  • All finished blocks are 8”
  • The finished quilt size is 36″x46″

Let’s get started

In this lesson we are going to be looking at cutting and specifically sub-cuts. Subcutting is a technique where you cut multiple smaller pieces from a previously cut piece.

Important information: all cutting instructions are assuming that you are cutting a fat quarter that has a width of 22”.

As you are now familiar with the way of constructing blocks, I’m not going to write out the individual piece instructions for each block, just follow the diagrams.

Block 7

This block is often given the name “Rail Fence”.

For this block, we are going to sew all 4 strips together and then press flat. You will then subcut this piece into four 4½” squares.

Colour A – cut (1) 1½” x 20” strip

Colour B – cut (1) 1½” x 20” strip

Colour C – cut (1) 1½” x 20” strip

Colour D – cut (1) 1½” x 20” strip

Block 8

This block is called often given the name “Hourglass”.

Colour C – cut (1) 2½” x 11” strip subcut (4) 2½” squares

Colour D – cut (1) 2½” x 11” strip subcut (4) 2½” squares

Colour D – cut (1) 5” square

Colour E – cut (1) 5” square

Create 2 HSTs with your 5” squares, open out and press seams flat.

What’s Next?

You’re really making progress now! You’ve completed a total of 8 out of 12 blocks for the sampler quilt.

Next, we will be working on a further 2 blocks, featuring the versatile design called log cabin.

We’ll be posting the tutorial right here on our website in the first week of January.

Happy Sewing,


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