Reusable Gift Tag – Sewing Tutorial

reusable gift tag sewing tutorial - featured image

Today, I’m sharing a delightful project that’s not only fun but also a fantastic way to add a personal touch to your festive gifting – the Reusable Gift Tag!

This charming little project is a true gem for anyone looking to make the most out of their fabric scraps. You know those lovely bits and pieces you’ve been saving? Well, it’s their time to shine!

This is an easy tutorial, so it’s perfect for quilters and sewists of all levels.

Cut the Following:

For the Main Tag.

  • Cut (2) 2½” x 5” rectangles for the front and back.
  • Cut (1) 2½” x 5” fusible interfacing (I used Vilene H250, which is medium weight).

For the Pocket.

  • Cut (2) 2½” x 3” for the front and lining.
  • Cut (2) 2½” x 3” fusible interfacing.
  • 3” strip of ribbon which is approx. ½” wide.


  • All seams are ¼”.
  • RST = right sides together.

Sewing Instructions

Start by ironing the interfacing onto the wrong side of the front pieces of the pocket and tag.

Place the two 2½” x 3” pocket pieces with RST and sew along the top edge. Open out and press flat. Top stitch along the seam.

Place the 2½” x 5” back pocket piece right side up. Fold your strip of ribbon in half and position in the centre top of your back piece with the raw edges hanging over the edge.

Position the 2½” x 5” front pocket piece with RST. Pin in place and sew where indicated by the red dotted lines in the photo above. Trim off excess seam allowance on the corners.

Take your pocket piece and sandwich it between the front and back tag pieces as shown in the photo above. Take care to line it up the raw edges on the bottom edge. Pin in place.

Sew where indicated by the red dotted line in the photo above.

Turn right side out through the hole you left at the bottom of the tag. Press flat and turn up the seam allowance on the bottom edge.

Top stitch along the bottom edge to complete your tag.

Cut a piece of card to 1½” x 3” and write your special message to complete your tag.

Project Variations

For this project I used the fabrics featured in our “Deck the Halls” fat quarter pack featuring fabrics by Dashwood Studios.

You could also make 24 tags and use them to create an advent calendar with a special message in for each day of December.

Another idea is to use your favourite non-seasonal fabrics for birthday gifting throughout the year.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, your Christmas gift tag is complete. It’s amazing how a small piece of fabric, a little bit of thread, and a dash of your creativity can transform into something so special and heartwarming.

I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did creating and sharing it with you.

Enjoy your gifting and see you next time.

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