Quilted Christmas Stocking – Sewing Tutorial

Sewing tutorial header image showing hand sewn quilted christmas stocking

This is a great festive project that is sure to put a smile on people’s faces. If you remember the excitement of opening a stocking on Christmas Day, why not share that feeling by making this easy sewing project.

You will need:

  • Download the free PDF template with instructions
  • 7 fat quarters (I used 6 different patterns for the outside, and fabric 7 is for the lining)
  • Batting (wadding) – cut two of the stocking top and two of the stocking.
  • 1 metre length of decorative bias binding.

Cut the following (each 22” long):

  • Two 2 ½” strips of fabric 1.
  • Four 2 ½” strips of fabric 2.
  • Four 2 ½” strips of fabric 3.
  • Four 4” strips of fabric 4.
  • Six 2” strips of fabric 5.
  • Two 2” strips of fabric 6.

Divide the above into two equal piles (for the back and front).

Cut two of the stocking top from fabric 7.

Seam Allowances all are ¼”

Step 1

Christmas stocking tutorial - sewing strips of fabric together

Take one of your piles of strips and lay them out in a pleasing arrangement. Sew together along the longest length. Iron seams flat on the wrong side. Repeat for the second pile using the same layout of pieces as your first panel. You now have your two panels for the main stocking.

Put together the four stocking pattern pieces by lining up the numbered arrows and sellotape in place. Take a large piece of tracing paper and trace around the pattern.

Take your stocking pattern piece and place it on top of your first panel with the right side up. The reason for tracing the pattern is so that you can position the stocking in place making sure you get the fabrics in the best position. Mark a line on your pattern (fix point) so that you can use it when positioning it on the second panel. Cut out. Repeat for the second panel. Remember to flip the pattern piece over and use your guide so that your stripes will line up on the side seams.

Cut two pieces for the lining from fabric 7.

Step 2

Christmas stocking tutorial - sewing inner lining

Take one of your stocking panels, lay the wadding onto the wrong side and position the lining piece on top with right-side up. Pin in place. Repeat for the other panel.

Place the stocking panels together with right sides facing and sew around the outer edge.

Step 3

Christmas stocking tutorial - clipping seam allowance around the curves of the foot

Clip the seam allowance around all of the curves.

Turn your stocking right side out.

Step 4

Christmas stocking tutorial - writing name on fabric with water soluble pen

Take one of the stocking top pieces and with a water soluble pen mark the centre point – 7cm down and 13cm in and draw a line. Then draw another line 1.5cm under your centre line, this is the line to place your characters on. Write each letter of your name making sure you work from the centre out.

Place the stocking top wadding onto the wrong side and pin in place.

Step 5

Christmas stocking tutorial - personalised stocking top with name

You can now machine or hand embroider around each letter. I used a tight zig zag stitch on the sewing machine.

Repeat for the second stocking top. Use a damp sponge to remove the pen marks and iron flat.

Place stocking top panels together with right sides facing and sew along the side seams.

Add the lace binding to the bottom edge of your stocking top.

Turn inside out.

Step 6

Christmas stocking tutorial - quilted layers held in place with clips

Place the stocking top into the stocking so that right side of the stocking top is facing the lining fabric. Take care to line up side seams and position in place. Fold your stocking loop ribbon in half. Place the ribbon in between the stocking and the top on the side seam with the loop facing down into the stocking. Sew along the top edge attaching the stocking top to the top of your stocking panel.

Turn the stocking top out and position in place. Iron flat and then top stitch to secure in place

Your Quilted Christmas Stocking is now complete and ready to be filled with goodies.

completed Christmas stocking

4 thoughts on “Quilted Christmas Stocking – Sewing Tutorial

  1. Noreen Thompson says:

    This is similar to one I used to make with my third year secondary pupils, not as many different fabrics though. All the Grandchildren love them and they come out every year without fail.
    It is very satisfying to work on these many ideas for Christmas

    • Overdale Fabrics says:

      Hi Noreen, thanks for your comments it’s so lovely to hear that you have also enjoyed making stockings.
      Happy Sewing Cindy

  2. rosemary says:

    lovely stocking, am I being a bit daft?
    what covers the wadding inside to the bottom of the inside? it only looks like a part lining near the top of the inside?

    • Overdale Fabrics says:

      Hi Rosemary, thanks for commenting on this blog post. You are correct the lining is only at the top, I did it like that so that the project could be made out of fat quarters. However you could make it fill the whole stocking by cutting the same pattern piece as the outer (if you were using fat quarters you would need to sew some pieces together to create a large enough piece).
      Happy Sewing Cindy

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