Quilt Size Chart – For UK Quilters

If you’re a UK quilter you may have looked for a quilt size chart and been disappointed to find online guides are generally for bed sizes in the USA.  

Here, I’ve put together a guide that covers both UK and USA bed sizes! There’s also a handy guide at the end of this blog post that explains how to work out your quilt size exactly, depending on the size of your particular mattress.

UK Quilt Size Chart

Mattress SizeQuilt Size

USA Quilt Size Chart

Mattress SizeQuilt Size

You should use the above quilt size chart as a guide only.  Your finished quilt can vary by 4-6 inches and the chances are it will still look great. For instance, if the number of quilt blocks means your quilt is going to be a few inches bigger than the size above…don’t worry. It’s very likely to turn out fine.

On the other hand, if you’re worried that your quilt maybe a little on the small side, you can always add a border around the edges of your quilt to make it a larger.

Calculating quilt size for your particular mattress

Calculating quilt size can be the most accurate way to calculate your required quilt size. Using this method takes into account the depth of the mattress, which can vary quite widely.

This method is also useful if you need to adapt an existing quilt pattern to your particular size of bed.

1. Measure – Using a tape measure, record the length, width and depth of the mattress.

2. Width – The required width is calculated by adding the width of the mattress to twice the depth (the mattress hangs down on each side).

3. Length – The required length is calculated by adding the length of the mattress to the depth of the mattress (it only hangs down at the bottom of the bed).

4. Extra Drop – If you want your quilt to drop below the mattress, add this onto your measurements.  You will need to add the drop twice to the width and once to the length

5. Optional – Add a pillow tuck. If you’d like to add this feature, you’ll need to add approximately 18 inches to the length of the quilt. To get an accurate measurement, measure the height and depth of your pillow(s) and then add an extra few inches to allow for the tuck.

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