New Range of Applique Patterns – Just Released

Are you a sewing enthusiast looking for a unique and fun project that you can complete quickly? Look no further than our brand new range of Applique PDF sewing patterns!

completed applique pattern project - hummingbird

We have recently released four beautiful PDF applique sewing patterns: the Giraffe, Kingfisher, Robin, and Hummingbird. With these designs you can create beautiful home décor pieces or give as gifts to your friends and family. They are perfect for cushion covers or as a quilt centerpiece.

Best of all, these projects are quick and easy to complete – perfect for those days when you only have a small amount of time to dedicate to crafting.

giraffe applique sewing pattern - cushion

Our PDF applique sewing patterns are digital files meaning that once purchased they can be downloaded immediately. You can then print out the templates at home, making our patterns easy to use and more accessible than ever.

Our four adorable animal designs in this range will provide hours of fun – especially if like me you get carried away and totally engrossed in a project! Our range will continue to grow over time so keep an eye out for new releases that may interest you.

These designs were all created by me (Cindy), so I’d be delighted to hear any feedback or ideas for new patterns.

robin sewing applique pattern - main picture of bird

If you’re looking for an engaging hobby where you can get results in a weekend, then consider trying out one of these new patterns.

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