How to Make Table Placemats Using Jelly Rolls and Bonsal Fusible Foam



How to make quilted placemats.

For this tutorial you will need:
One 18” by 13.5” piece of Bosal fusible In-R-Foam
Four jelly roll strips of complimentary fabric designs.
One 12” by 13.5” rectangle of fabric that looks good with your jelly roll fabrics.
One 18” by 13.5” fabric for the reverse.
Complimentary fabric for your bias binding.

To make one large placemat.


Materials you need to make placemats.

Choose your jelly roll strips (I chose the yellow and blue designs from our ‘Petite Fleur’ collection) and cut them into 6.5” pieces. I cut two each of three of the deigns and 1 of another giving me seven pieces in total.

Arrange them and then sew together vertically with a 1 cm seam.

Iron seams flat.

Side panel of the placemat made from jelly roll fabric.

Take the piece that you have just made and the other front panel fabric (I used our ‘Stitch Leaf Autumn’ fabric) place them right sides together and sew along one of the short sides with a 1 cm seam.

Iron seams flat.

Quilted front of the placemat.

Pin your backing fabric (I’ve used ‘Wild Flower’ blue fabric) right side up to one side of the Bonsal fusible foam. Turn over and place your front panel the other side.

Daisy fabric for the back of the placemat.

To fuse the foam and fabrics I lightly iron both sides to make sure everything is in place.

Fusing the fabric with an iron to form the placemat.

Then remove the pins and iron over both sides again, but this time moving the iron slowly so that the fabric fuses securely to the foam.

Front and back fabrics for the placemats.

You can now add decorative top stitching if you want to. I’ve stitched in the ditch for the front side panel and then top stitched vertical lines on the leaf fabric.

Make your bias binding tape by following the instructions in my previous tutorial “How to make a Continuous Length of Bias Binding”. I’ve used our plain “Turquoise Blue” fabric to make the bias binding as it matches perfectly.


Finally all you have to do is add the bias binding to the outer edge of your placemat. I start on one of the short sides as the join is less noticeable here. Attach the binding with wonder clips if you have them (pins if not) and sew down the first length, create a mitre corner and then repeat down the long side and continue until you have sewn the all the way around your placemat.

Attaching the bias binding around the edges of the placemats.

That’s it you now have your first placemat. You can now repeat it for a whole set of four, six or just two.

Placemats created with Bonsal fusible foam.

2 thoughts on “How to Make Table Placemats Using Jelly Rolls and Bonsal Fusible Foam

  1. Julia Race says:

    I’m thinking two of these, together with your fabric box, in matching fabric, as a napkin holder would make a lovely gift for a couple

    • Overdale Fabrics says:

      That’s a lovely idea Julia, it would make a super wedding or engagement gift for a couple! Thanks for commenting Cindy.

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