Make You Own Sofa Sewing Caddy

sewing caddy for a sofa.

The perfect accessory for anyone who loves to craft, whether it be, sewing, quilting, knitting or needlecraft, this is must have. Ideal if you like crafting whilst watching TV.

This tutorial has been specially created by Michelle at CreativeBlonde

Handcrafted pockets, pincushion and thread catcher for a sewing caddy.

The great thing about this sewing caddy, is all the parts are removable, which makes it easy to interchange pockets, depending on the craft you are working on. Plus, it makes emptying the thread catcher, so much easier.

Materials – All fabrics are available to buy in our online store.
Fat Quarter bundle of ‘Garden at Dusk’ by Overdale Fabrics
Half meter of ‘flower Stalks’ by Dashwood Studios available at Overdale Fabrics
Gutermann thread colour 660
Half meter of H640 fusible wadding by Vilieseline
4” square of Vilene light weight interlining
Few handfuls of ‘toy’ stuffing for the pin cushion

Haberdashery Items
Iron-away marker pen
10” and 7” circle template
4” circle template
Quilters ruler, rotary cutter/scissors
2x 1” wooden buttons
½” wooden heart button

The Main Mat

From the ‘flower stalks’ cut 2 pieces measuring 22” x 10”. Use a 10” circle template to curve each end (I used a dinner plate – worked a treat). Lay one piece onto of the wadding, and cut to size. Fuse wadding to 1 of the fabric pieces.

Quilting the sewing caddy mat.

Using your heat erasable marker and ruler, draw quilting lines, 2” apart. Quilt along these lines using Gutermann thread colour 660. Press to remove marked lines.

Polka dot bias binding for a sewing caddy.

To make the binding, take the fat quarter of grey with white polka dots, and cut 1 ¼” strips along the bias. Join these strips together to create a 65” strip. Press in half, open out and press each half to the centre.

Polka dot edging.

Sew to your main mat.

Pink and grey sewing caddy mat.


The Pin Cushion

Fabrics for sewing a patchwork pincushion.

Cut Four 4.5” squares from ‘Dusk Daisies’ (brown with white flowers).
Cut Four 4.5” squares from ‘Gleeful Seedheads’ (mustard with white flowers).

Patchwork panel for a pin cushion.
Sew these quarters togethers, using ¼” seam allowance, press seam open.

Making a round pin cushion.

Draw a 7” circle on the reverse of both squares.

Place fabrics right sides together and sew a circle ¼” larger, using the Gutermann thread colour 660, leaving a 2-3” gap for turning the pin cushion right side out.

Fill with toy stuffing, hand sew up the gap with a simple ladder stitch.

Circular pin cushion for an arm chair caddy.

Sew the small heart button to the centre of the cushion, pulling tight in the centre, and sew through to the main mat (8” from one end).


The Thread Catcher

Cut 2 pieces measuring 4”x 12.5” from ‘Butterfly Flower Garden’.
Cut a piece of wadding 3.5” x 12” and fuse to one of the above pieces of fabric.
Cut 2 pieces measuring 6.5” x 12.5” from ‘Gleeful Seedheads’.
Cut 2 pieces measuring 3.5” x 12.5” from ‘Dusk Daisies’.

Fabrics for making a thread catcher.

Sew the ‘Gleeful Seedheads’ and ‘Dusk Daisies’ pieces together, to create 2 pieces of fabric both measuring 9.5” x 12.5”.
Cut a piece of wadding measuring 9” x 12” and fuse to one of the above pieces.

Create 13” of binding as before, add to the top of the 2 pieces of ‘Butterfly Flower Garden’, with wadding sandwiched between. Mark the pockets at 3” intervals, excluding the seam allowance. Sew along these lines.

From the grey polka dot fabric, cut two 4” circles, and one 3 ¾” circle form the wadding. Fuse the wadding to one of the circles (note the wadding is ¼” smaller from all measurements, to avoid added bulk when sewing together).

Creating a thread catcher for a sewing caddy.

Create a 5” piece of binding as before, and sew along the length of it, add it to the top of the ‘Dusk Daisies’, in a loop.

With right sides together and the loop caught between the two pieces, sew the tops of the ‘Dusk Daisies’ fabrics together, press seams open (one piece will have the wadding attached, the other will be just the fabric).

Add the circle with the wadding, and right sides together to the bottom of the ‘Gleeful Seedheads’ piece with wadding.
Repeat this process for the circle fabric on the opposite end.

Making a sewing caddy thread catcher.

Sew the long edge together using ¼” seam allowance, leaving a 3” gap to pull it the right way out. Once pulled through (my favourite part) sew up the gap.


The Pocket with Scissor Attachment

Create a 20” strip of binding, and sew along the edge as before, thread this through the handle of some sewing scissors.
Cut two 7” squares from the ‘Flower Stalks’ fabric (pink with white stems).
Cut 7” square from the wadding, and fuse to one piece of the above cut fabric.
Cut two 7”x 5” pieces from the ‘Dusk Daisies’ fabric.
Cut a 7”x5” piece of wadding, and fuse to one of the ‘Dusk Daisies’ pieces cut above.

To create the Butterfly applique, cut around the butterfly with ¼” extra all the way round, fuse to the 4” square of interlining, once fused. Carefully cut around the butterfly 1/8” bigger than the pattern. Blanket stitch using Gutermann thread 660, around the butterfly either my machine or hand, to the ‘Dusk Daisies’ fabric.

Add binding to the top of the pocket as before.

Fabrics for making the sewing caddy pockets.

Mark and sew a pocket, by sewing a line of stitches alongside the butterfly.

Detachable sewing caddy pocket decorated with a butterfly.

Lay the ‘Dusk Daisies’ piece on top of the ‘Flower Stalks’, lining it up along the bottom edge, add in your scissors on the length of binding, and a 5” loop at the top (as before on the thread catcher) and add binding all the way around the ‘Flower Stalks’ fabric – see photos for placement.

Lined sofa caddy pockets.

This can now be attached to your main mat, by adding a button. Position the main mat on the arm of the sofa, to find the best position for the button.

Sewing caddy on the arm of a sofa.

Your sofa caddy is complete.

Sofa caddy with detachable pockets and thread catcher.

Thanks for reading, happy sewing from Michelle at Creative Blonde You can also connect with Michelle on her instagram @creativeblonde66

You can download you free PDF pattern here.

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