Make Your Own Patchwork Handbag

Patchwork handbag in blue and peach.


2 main bag panels 30cm by 26cm. To create the panels I’ve used a set of fat quarters ‘Bountiful in Blue’ and a piece of navy polka dot canvas to make two patchwork panels using 6.5cm squares.
2 pieces of interning, I used H640 fusible interfacing by Fliseline (size as above)
2 main bag – lining panels, I’ve used the fat quarter ‘Bountiful Leaf’ – peach 30cm by 25cm
2 inside top panels –I’ve used ‘Bountiful Meadow’ 30cm by 6cm and a piece of interfacing 28cm by 4cm
2 handle straps to coordinate I’ve used the ‘Blue Polka Canvas’ 56cm by 8cm
Coordinating cotton thread
1 magnetic clasp
Bag base reinforcer 20cm by 8cm

All seam allowances are 1cm unless stated otherwise.

Handbag straps and inside flaps ready to sew.

Bag Handles

Make the two bag handles by following my tutorial – Easy Bag Handles

Inside Flap

To make the inside flaps, place your fabric panel piece the wrong side up and lay the interfacing in the centre of the panel with the top edges matching. Iron in place

Fold a 1cm bottom hem up and stitch in place.

Repeat for the other flap panel.

Attaching handle straps to a handmade bag.

Main Bag Panels

Iron your interling onto on the wrong side of both quilted bag panels. I’ve also done some stitching in the ditch really just for decorative purposes.

Turn right side up and position your handles, I’ve positioned mine with 1cm overhang past the top edge. Pin in place.

Repeat for the other panel.

Attaching the internal flap of a handbag.

Lay the inside top panel flap on top of your bag panel with right sides together and match up the top edges. Pin everything in place.

Sew along the top edge and repeat for the other panel.

Cutting away bulky interfacing from a seam.

Trim back interfacing as you don’t want this seam to be too bulky.

Repeat for the other panel.

Two bag panels ready to be sewn to make a handbag.

You now have your front and bag main bag panels with handles and inside flaps attached.

If you want to add a magnetic clasp to your bag, now is the time to insert one onto your inside flaps before the bag is sewn together. Just follow my instructions in my tutorial – Magnetic Bag Clasps

Cutting fabric to create box corners on a bag.

To make your bag base cut a 4 by 4cm square from the bottom two corners on each bag panel.

Sewing pieces to make a bag.

Place bag panels together with right sides facing and the flaps laid open. Sew along the two sides and bottom edge.

Sewing box corners on a handbag.

Open out your corners line up the edges and seams. Stitch together with a 1cm seam to create your bag corners and base.

Inserting a bag base.

Bag Lining

Turn right side out and fold down your internal flap and clip in place along the top edge. Insert bag bottom if you are using one, you don’t have to.

Sewing lining for a handmade bag.

To make the lining, cut out the 4cm by 4cm squares on each bottom corner. Place with right sides together sew along both sides and the bottom. Sew your corners just like you have for the main bag.

Adding lining to a hand crafted handbag.

Place your lining inside your bag making sure you tuck it under your internal bag flap. Pin in place. Sew along the bottom edge of your internal flap so that everything is held in place.

A handmade patchwork handbag.

That’s it you now have a great new patchwork handbag.

4 thoughts on “Make Your Own Patchwork Handbag

    • Overdale Fabrics says:

      Hi Martha, I think upholstery fabrics will work really well.

      You will just need to take care that your fabrics don’t fray too much before sewing them. Also if you have any pure wool fabrics just make sure you don’t over press them with a steam iron and distort them!

      I hope you enjoy making your bag.
      Best Wishes Cindy

  1. Jennifer Bowers says:

    Love this bag I would like to print it, not being good at technology could you advise how I can get a printed copy. For myself only.
    Thank you, love your fabrics got a lot of them now.

    • Overdale Fabrics says:

      Hi Jennifer, thanks for your message. When you are on the blog post if you do a right click on your mouse and select print from the drop down menu it will allow you to print off the tutorial. I hope that helps and it’s great to hear you have been enjoying our fabrics.
      Happy Sewing Cindy

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