old singer sewing machineI’m very excited as I’ve just bought an old Singer Sewing Machine off of a family friend.  I used to have one as a young girl, but it got lost in one of our many family moves, so I’m delighted to have got my hands on one again.

These amazing pieces of engineering are nothing like modern sewing machines.  For a start mine, doesn’t have a foot pedal but is turned by hand.  This gives great accuracy and you can get a surprising amount of speed up.

faceplate singer sewing machineThe finish is the other striking part of the machine.  The intricately designed faceplate at the front of the machine and even the decoration around the edge of the baseplate are a delight and something that is common to a large number of older Singer sewing machines.

close up singer sewing machineThere is a number on the baseplate and after a little Internet research I think that this is a model 128 which was manufactured in 1925. I was watching Downton Abbey last night and thought it is amazing that my little sewing machine was made at the time that this program was set!

bobbin on vintage singer sewing machineAfter threading the bobbin, I was amazed that the machine worked straight away without any major adjustments. Sewing is very easy with none of the complications of modern machines – there is no reverse and no fancy stitch types.

sewing on a rotary singer sewing machine

If you are interesting in owning a piece of British sewing machine history, there are lots of vintage Singer machines on eBay and at car boots across the country. They can be purchased for surprisingly little money and would make a great present for a young sewer.

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