How to Make Your Scraps into a Jelly Roll

Finished patchwork padded sat nav bag.

I’m sure you’re just like me and don’t like throwing away scraps of fabric! I set about going through my bag of scraps to make my own jelly roll which I then used to create this patchwork sat nav bag you can see above.

Craft fabric scraps

I started by laying out strips of fabric on my ironing board with the thinnest pieces on the top. I then ironed them flat.

Ironing scraps to make a jelly roll.

Placing then on a curtting board I trimmed the pieces to create strips that were 2inches wide by 19inches long.

Triming fabrics to create a jelly roll.

I selected the ones I need for my patchwork bag project and then rolled the rest up for a future project.

Jelly roll created from left over fabric scraps.

It’s really amazing what you can create from quite small pieces of scrap fabric. I’m really pleased with my new sat nav bag!

Patchwork sat nave bag.

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