How To Make Bias Binding Tape

Learn how to make bias binding tape.

In this tutorial I am using a 25 mm bias binding tool to makes approx. 4.8 meters of 1 inch bias binding.

Make you pattern piece by following the measurements in the diagram below.

Pattern for bias binding

Place your pattern onto your fabric making sure that you line up the grain line on your pattern with the selvedge of your fabric. Cut one piece.

Fabric for making bias binding.

Pin the two shortest ends together matching notches. Sew with a quarter inch hem. Iron the hem flat.

Fabric to make a continuous length of bias binding tape.

You will now see that you have a loop of fabric, with a 2 inch overhang on each side of your hem.

With a water erasable pen mark a series of points two inches from the edge of your fabric to use as your cutting guideline. You can mark them as solid lines if you prefer. Then cut along your guidelines.

Cutting two inch strips of fabric for 1 inch bias binding tape.

You should now have a continuous strip of fabric that is 2 inches wide and approx. 4.8 meters long.

Fabric cut ready to make bias binding.

On the ironing board push one end of your fabric through your 25 mm bias binding tool (use a pin to help it through the tool at the start). I then pin the fabric to one end of my ironing board so that it frees up one hand then pull back the tool and iron the bias binding flat as it comes out of your tool.

Using a bias binding tool.

Continue to do this for the whole length and you will now have a lovely long length of 1 inch bias binding in the fabric of your choice ready for your sewing project.

Bias binding made with a 25mm bias binding tool.

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