Hexi Quilted Potholder – Free Sewing Tutorial

Looking for a quick quilting project? This practical hexi potholder is easy to make and great for practising your hexagonal log cabin quilting skills. It’s also perfect for using up any spare fat quarters lying in your stash.

You will need:

  • Six fat quarters with different designs and colours.
  • Two 11″x11″ squares of insulating fleece wadding (for example Bosal Poly Therm).

Cut the following:

  • Cut 1 fabric hexagon using the downloadable template.
  • Cut 1 11″x11″ square for the backing.
  • Cut 6 strips (in different fabrics) that are 2” by 5” or longer (first round).
  • Cut 6 strips that are 2” by 7” or longer (second round).
  • Cut 1 strip 2” by 8” for the loop handle.

Seam Allowance:
All seams are ¼”.

potholder sewing tutorial - sew first strip to hexagon

Start by using the shorter strips.
Take one of your strips and place on one edge of the hexagon with right sides facing (as shown in the photo above). Sew in place.

potholder sewing tutorial - trim edges

Open out and press the seam flat with your finger and trim off the excess fabric below the seam you have just sewn.

potholder sewing tutorial - sew second strip

Turn the hexagon and repeat again on the 2nd side, stitch in place and open out and trim off the excess. Continue doing this for the next 3 sides.

potholder sewing tutorial - final side of the initial row of hexagon strips

For the final side you just need to position your piece carefully and fold back any excess from the first side and sew in place. As you can see in the photo, I found it easier to sew this from the back of the hexagon so I could check my seams connected.

potholder sewing tutorial - view from top of first round of hexagons
potholder sewing tutorial - trimming off excess fabric

Trim off the excess.

potholder sewing tutorial - sewing first strip of second round

Repeat for a second round.

potholder sewing tutorial - completed top side

Iron your piece flat and place on top of your backing fabric with wrong sides facing. Cut a large hexagon that is the same size as your quilted hexagon. Cut 1 pieces of the insulating fleece wadding to the same size as your fabric hexagons.

potholder sewing tutorial - fitting insulating wadding

Pin your quilted hexagon on top of the square pieces of insulating fleece wadding so the shiny side is facing up (the wrong side of the fabric is facing the shiny side of the wadding).

potholder sewing tutorial - quilting layers together

Quilt in place by either stitching in the ditch or adding decorative top stitching. Trim off excess.

potholder sewing tutorial - creating the loop

To make the loop handle, take your 8” strip and fold in half length ways, finger press to create a crease. Open out and fold both sides into the central crease. Fold in half and stitch along the open side. Create your loop and place on one edge as shown in the photo. Sew in place very close to the edge of your hexagon.

potholder sewing tutorial - backing hexagon

Take your back hexagon and place on top of the second insulated wadding hexagon (wrong side of the fabric facing the shiny side of the insulated batting). Sew in place, stitching very close to the outside edge.

the completed hexi potholder

Place both hexagons together with right sides facing and sew together by stitching around the outer edge of your hexagon sandwich. Just make sure to leave a 4” opening on one side. Trim off the excess seam allowance at the points of the hexagon. Turn right sides out through the gap you left. Fold in the seam allowance on the opening and sew to close the opening. You can now quilt both pieces together by stitching in the ditch or adding a decorative top stitch.

Your Hexi Potholder is now complete.

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