Handcrafted Laptop Sleeve Bag

hand sewn laptop sleeve bagI’ve just spent a hugely enjoyable Saturday sewing a laptop sleeve bag for my 15 inch Acer. It is rare that I get the majority of day to myself so it was so nice to just immerse myself in this sewing project.

I wanted to create a stylish laptop sleeve with flowing curves, and a zip that extended down the sides.  I’m quite pleased with the results as it is a first attempt and I didn’t follow a pattern.

The material is 100% cotton on both the outside and inside, with designs from Dashwood Studios. The zip is a 20 inch YKK that I bought on Amazon.

laptop bag that I sewed using 100% cotton fabricBut the real secret to why this project was successful is the stabilising foam that goes between the cotton fabric layers.  I used Bosal In-R-Form fusible, which is available on our website.  This gives structure to the completed sleeve and soft protection to the laptop.

Being fusible on both sides, you simply need to iron the stabilising foam between your fabrics to activate the glue and fix it in place.

lining of my laptop sleeve bagI was pleased that I took the time to use a patterned fabric on the inside, as this adds a real personal touch to the finished product.

With the Christmas / Holiday season approaching, this could be a nice project to complete for the ‘difficult-to-buy-for’ man in your life. Certainly beats socks!

the finished product. my laptop sleeve that I sewed without a pattern

2 thoughts on “Handcrafted Laptop Sleeve Bag

  1. Rella says:

    I’ve just bought a new laptop and since the old one still occupies the bag with all the leads, books, etc, then this is just ideal for the new one! Just what I needed. Thank you ; )

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