Gifts for Quilters

Want to buy a quilting friend a gift? It can be tricky if you don’t know about quilting yourself or what tools they already have.

Here are some gifts for quilters that will be warmly received…I know because I’m a quilter!

Best Gifts for Quilters 2021

Fabric Gift Voucher

gift voucher

If there is one thing that every quilter loves, it’s more fabric! Buying fabric is largely down to personal colour preferences. So, buying a gift voucher is one way to ensure that you do not make a mistake.

You also give the recipient all the fun of choosing their own fabrics.

Magazine subscription

Magazines are a great source of inspiration and perfect for learning new techniques. It can also be a great way to find out about specialist suppliers in the quilting industry. No wonder many quilters love flicking through magazines.

Popular titles in the UK include Love Patchwork and Quilting and Today’s Quilter.

If you want to get even more brownie points, you can track down one of the American quilting magazines. Quilting is a far more popular pastime in the US than here, so there is a wealth of different titles available.

Love of Quilting is a great title to choose, and one of the top quilting magazines in the US.

Quilter’s Multimat

This is a nifty tool that’s perfect for saving space or for quilters on the go. It folds out revealing a craft cutting mat on one side and an ironing surface that on the other.

I find mine really useful to have close to my sewing machine. It means that I do not need to have my main ironing board out just to press a few seams.

At the end of the crafting session, the multimat can be quickly folded up and stored, and it doesn’t take up much room.

Mini iron

Ironing quilt blocks and seams is essential to get the perfect finish. But it’s not always necessary or convenient to use your full-size iron. That’s where the mini iron comes in.

These irons are perfectly sized for pressing those “hard to reach” areas of a project and delicate seams. They’re also ideal for travelling, whether you are going to a quilting class or on holiday.

Rotating cutting mat

cutting mat

Every quilter has a cutting mat. However, rotating cutting mats are far less common… but they are extremely handy.

It allows you to cut in a natural motion without having to continually move your piece of fabric. This can be a great timesaver. It is also ergonomically efficient so helps prevent injury from trying to cut an awkward angle.

Accuquilt cutting machine

Accuquilt specialise in cutting machines for quilters. These are ideal for the busy quilter that has lots of similar shapes to cut out. As well as being quicker, the shapes are cut out much more accurately.

It can also be useful for quilters that have arthritis in their hands and find it painful to use a rotary cutter.

The Accuquilt Go! Me is an entry level cutter and is bundled with everything you need to get started

Online quilting class

However long you have been quilting, there is always something new to learn. Thanks to the Internet it’s now possible to improve your skills without having to travel miles to get to a class. There are numerous providers of online workshops, but one of the best-known is Craftsy.

They have a good range of classes specifically about quilting, and there are also more general sewing classes available.

Quilting retreat

long arm quilter being used at quilting retreat

A real gift to remember would be to send someone on a quilting retreat or quilting holiday. A retreat is typically two days or a weekend, whereas a holiday is for a longer period such as a week.

Quilters often lament the fact that they don’t have enough time to finish their projects. A quilting retreat allows you to forget the normal household responsibilities and provides the time needed to complete a project.

It’s also a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and make new friends.

Sewing machine bag

If the quilter in your life regularly goes to classes, they will probably be carrying their sewing machine. Having a bag to carry the machine is essential.

Sewing machine bags with wheels are ideal for this purpose. This allows you to take the machine out of the car and transport it to where the class is being held.

Quilting threads

it’s always useful to have good quality quilting threads in a range of different colours. So, no matter what fabric you are working with, you’ll always have the correct colour to match it.

Gutermann are a well-respected brand and produce ranges of thread that come in nice presentation boxes. These are ideal to give as a gift and the boxes are also useful storage devices.

Ruler holder

Many quilters have more than one ruler to help them with accurate cutting. A ruler holder can help with organisation and prevent them from getting damaged.

These holders are typically built from wood (occasionally plastic) and some even have slots to hold threads and bobbins.

Final thoughts on gifts for quilters

I hope you’ve found this list of quilter’s gifting ideas useful. Whatever your budget, there is something here to choose.

If you’re still deciding, think whether the person tends to prefer practical gifts, or would like an experience. Although many of us love the idea of more quilting tools, do they have the room to store them?

Whatever you end up purchasing, I’m sure that the recipient will love it. Many quilters are used to putting all their love into a project and giving it away to others. So for a change, it’s delightful for them to receive a thoughtful gift.

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