Free Quilt Block Pattern – Easter Chick

I’ve just created this fun little quilt block for Easter and it’s free to download here see links below:

Easter Chick Template

Easter Chick Foundation

This cute chick block is 6” square and has a seam allowance of 0.25”.
If you are new to sewing quilt blocks I’ve written a quick guide for beginners below.

My Quick Guide to Sewing a Quilt Block Pattern

Print off the pattern template pieces and cut them out in your chosen fabrics (you need to cut out 2 pieces for C and U).

Once your pieces have all been cut, lay them out as shown in the foundation block diagram. You will see that the block is made in two halves.

Sewing Section A – The Bottom Half of the Block.
Start by sewing the bottom half (the egg) following the numbered foundation guide. Take care to line up all your pieces accurately before you sew each one. Follow the numbered layout – start by sewing A1 to A2 as shown. Then press seams flat. Now sew A3 to A1 and press flat. Continue doing this until the whole of A section is complete.
Just take care when pressing your seams that you don’t stretch or distort the fabric pieces.

Sewing Section B – The Top Half of the Block.
Do exactly the same but this time starting with piece B1 to B2. Continue until the whole bottom section is complete.

All you need to do is sew section A to section B along the centre seam and your cute Easter chick block is complete.

Happy Easter Sewing Cindy

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