Free Applique Patterns – Spring Flower Theme

If you like floral theme projects, here’s a little treat… I’ve created some flower applique patterns for you to download – for free.

I was inspired after seeing a stunning photo recently sent to us by a customer. She used our fabrics to create this amazing table runner.

applique table runner

I’m constantly blown away with how talented our customers are!

If you’ve not tried appliqué before, why not check out our beginners appliqué guide. It’s a technique that can produce wonderful results, even if you have limited crafting time.

Free Flower Applique Templates

There are a variety of designs to suit different levels of experience. Just click the link and download the PDF to your computer. You can then print it out.

Daisy applique (skill level: easy)

Daisy applique template

Download your Daisy applique design

Echinacea applique (skill level: intermediate)

Echinacea applique template

Download your Echinachea applique design

Flower Head applique (skill level: easy)

Flower head applique template

Download your Flower Head applique design

Flower Head Daisy applique (skill level: easy)

Flowerhead daisy applique

Download your Flower Head Daisy applique design

Garden Flower applique (skill level: intermediate)

garden flower applique template

Download your Garden Flower applique design

Hanging Flower applique (skill level: intermediate)

hanging flower applique template

Download your Hanging Flower applique design

Red Rose Flower applique (skill level: easy)

rose flower applique template

Download your Red Rose Flower applique design

Retro Flower Head applique (skill level: advanced)

retro flower applique template

Download your Retro Flower Head applique design

Tulip Flower applique (skill level: intermediate)

tulip applique template

Download your Tulip Flower applique design

Violet Flower applique (skill level: intermediate)

violet applique template

Download your Violet Flower applique design

If you’ve used any of these templates, we’d love to hear how you get on. We may even feature you in one of our future articles!

Happy Sewing.

6 thoughts on “Free Applique Patterns – Spring Flower Theme

  1. Claudette Hall says:

    Thank you for the free template. I’m a beginner who would love to learn applique. The instructions sounds easy. I’m looking forward to try.

    • Overdale Fabrics says:

      That’s great to hear Claudette, I love applique and find it easy to do. You might also be interested to hear that we have some applique patterns that we will be releasing on our website in the New Year.
      Happy Sewing Cindy

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